The London Wail

The London Wail often overestimate the predictive power of our own intuition.  When in doubt, we ask ourselves “what could go wrong?” and then ignore the answer.  The London Wail find it difficult to keep things in perspective.  We often confuse songs that are good with songs that we know how to play, though we are always extremely confident in the outcome. 

Members are:


Joe Armao - Guitar
Jenna Converse - Vocals
Greg Hall - Guitar
Alex Kirk - Bass
Logan Pritchard - Drums
Bert Stemmler - Vocals, Keys
Beau Taylor - Guitar


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The Regressions
After headlining the Hard Rock Cafe (by paying for it and forcing clients to listen to us) and 3 bassists, 3 guitarists, and 2 drummers later, the newly reformed Regressions are on their come-back tour after being forced out of retirement post the Cyprus banking crisis.
Members are:
Justin Brimfield (Vocals)
Leslie Slater (Keys, Vocals)
Mark Nello (Lead Guitar)
Jiro Okochi (Rhythm Guitar)
Alex Kirk (Bass)
Stephen Lucianek (Drums)

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Fifth Of Bourbon

Fifth Of Bourbon is an electric blues band from NYC casked in 2010 focused on creative arrangements of both traditional and contemporary blues and rock music.  If you can imagine Koko Taylor fronting Led Zeppelin and performing electric blues versions of Howlin' Wolf songs....that's us.

Members are:

Greg Gentile - Lead Guitar 
Ken Umezaki - Bass 
Matt Fink - Drums 
Scott Warren - Lead Guitar 
Jock Jones - Keyboards 
Kathleen Fletcher - Vocals

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Nazz Are Blue